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Part-time Job
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Part-time job

Since you have come to Japan to study Japanese language, we do not appreciate any part-time job that causes a hindrance with your studies. However, in order to compensate for the shortage of living expenses and others, taking up a part-time position might become unavoidable.

Accordingly, following are the numerous points that should be considered for taking up part-time employment in Japan.

1.The pre-university students have to undergo the prescribed formalities of the school in order to obtain authorization for activities outside the qualification and will commence work once the same permit has been issued.

2.The Students are forbidden to work beyond 28 hours per week.

3.The Students are prohibited from working in the entertainment industry or at any other business that offers sex services in store or non-store forms such as, images and video transmission, telephone dating service and so on.

The school will mediate with its parent company AIIA Corporation for simple part-time job. Also, we will introduce part time positions that will be investigated by the school and can be undertaken with a peace of mind.